Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology will make traditional analog radio technology obsolete as SDR replaces much of the analog electronics with software and enables unseen functionalities such as dynamic spectrum management, high throughput data links, and an altogether new level of intelligence in radio behavior.


Since traditional analog radios aren’t capable of meeting modern requirements for performance, adaptivity, and hardware simplicity, we combined our areas of expertise and created our own SDR concept. BHT SDR, a Software Defined Radio platform with touch screen and 200 MHz real-time bandwidth, is a living proof of the concept. It is a platform we designed mainly for waveform development projects, but it has also proven to be a great tool for hardware and firmware related customer projects.

We provide everything from complete systems and devices to any part of the process you need help with.


We have experience in developing waveforms that meet the challenges of modern spectral efficiency requirements. To mention a few implementations, OFDM and SC-FDM waveform-based modems are good examples of what we have produced as high-performance FPGA designs. As FPGA throughput doesn’t decrease with simultaneous parallel processes, beamforming is another perfect example of our implementations that benefits greatly from FPGA technology. These kinds of tasks are simple to produce with our HLS flow.