If you have an idea or requirement, we can make it happen by offering a complete service chain – cost estimation, schedule and productizing plan. Our main competence areas are:

  • System level design
  • Electronics design
  • Mechanical design
  • Firmware & software design
  • RF & EMC
  • Product manufacturing management

We have a wide spectrum of partner companies ranging from manufacturing to certification.


We’ll make sure that your idea will become a product that meets all the functional, environmental, and regulatory requirements. It’s our responsibility to make sure the product is compatible with its specifications, interfaces smoothly, easy to use, and of high quality.


Our electronics design services include both schematic and PCB design. The range of our past projects spans from simple adapter boards to 14-layer PCBs with FPGA SoC (System on Chip) having over 1000 pins.

Beyond Horizon Technology’s Software Defined Radio (BHT SDR) serves as a good showcase of our RF (radio frequency) capabilities. Our PCB and schematic design benefits from our in-house RF expertise, which is the foundation of designing EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) certified and reliably functional devices.


We have in-house mechanical R&D to complete the product. Our large network of manufacturing partners allows us to design casings from a variety of materials. We have designed devices ranging from sensitive measurement instruments to weatherproof GPS receivers.


Be it a simple microcontroller or ARM based application, or more complex solution utilizing FPGA or ASIC, software and firmware play a significant part of the implementation.

With our efficient High Level Synthesis (HLS) workflow, focus remains on high level development instead of wasting time on low level (register-transfer level) coding.


Manufacturing of electronic devices is a demanding process. With our expertise and partner network we are able manage the whole process. To put it simply, once we get an order, we’ll make sure the products are delivered within the schedule that we’ve planned together.

Component availability may change during the planned lifecycle of the product, which is why we track the availability of every component and make the necessary changes to keep the manufacturing running and the product always available.